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The benefits of manned guarding security

The benefits of manned guarding security

JULY 2017

It’s unfortunate that the operation of a business, inevitably, runs the risk of being affected by crime at some stage. But how do you protect your staff, your assets and ultimately your bottom line?

Available to protect your premises day and night, ESG Security, can provide a security officer to patrol and undertake tasks such as reception duties and gatehouse control. Manned guarding is an essential service for security-conscious companies of any size.

What is manned guarding?

The activity of manned guarding refers to a vetted, professional, and trustworthy security officer, guarding your premises. The aims for static security are:

:: To guard premises against unauthorised access or damage.

:: To guard property against destruction, damage and theft.

:: To protect individuals against assault or injury caused by the unlawful conduct of others.

Who would benefit from a manned guarding service?

ESG Security secure businesses of all sizes. The majority of our current customers fall into the following categories:

:: Warehouse and distribution centres.

:: Industrial sites.

:: Premises that have previously been targets of crime – including break ins, arson, and other acts of vandalism.

:: Vacant and derelict sites.

:: Shopping centres.

What are the benefits to my business?

Security officers provide a proven, effective visual deterrent to would be criminals. While CCTV and other security products, can be successful in reducing crime, a fully uniformed physical presence could deter thieves and vandals where a camera may not.

Trained and experienced, a security officer can quickly identify potential threats, efficiently respond to emergency incident’s such as fire or flood, and protect your people and assets.

As well as performing regular patrols, a security officer will also provide:

:: Reception duties.

:: Gate control.

:: Alarm system monitoring.

:: Bag searches.

:: First Aid.

:: Liaison with emergency services in the event of an incident.

What to consider when choosing a security service provider?

As a minimum security companies, should be a member of the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA), Approved Contractor Scheme (ACS). Companies with accreditation from the Security Systems and Alarm Inspection Board (SSAIB), operate to the highest industry standards. All security staff must be licenced by the SIA, so check this is also the case.

It may also be worth considering a local security company to perform your guarding duties. Not only will they have a more in-depth knowledge of your local area; but they’ll also be able to promptly send support in the event of an incident.

ESG Security are manned guarding specialists in the West Midlands; West Sussex; and London.

At ESG Security, all our officers are carefully selected, highly skilled and committed to protecting your business. As well as guarding your premises, our officers can also provide gate control, CCTV monitoring, out-of-hours telephone answering, open and locks of the premises, and the all-important risk assessment.