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Covid marshal service in the West Midlands

Covid marshal service in the West Midlands


During the Covid-19 pandemic, local authorities and businesses, have been using security personnel to monitor queues. In September Boris Johnson gave the role an official name ‘Covid marshal’.

Boris Johnson announced at the press conference, that Covid marshals would be introduced to cities and towns across England to enforce social distancing and prevent the spread of Covid-19. It is believed universities and councils had wanted extra Covid measures, to ensure students and members of the public remain compliant with current legislation and avoid financial penalties.

ESG Security has been engaged to provide a Covid-19 marshal service to cities and towns throughout the West Midlands. The role is to act on behalf of Council’s to assist public compliance of the law and help keep people safe.

As we are accredited as part of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme, ESG Security’s Covid marshals have the power, as ordained by the local commissioner of the police (in areas where we work), to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice if anyone fails to comply with our instruction.