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ESG awarded national contract for entertainment venues

ESG awarded national contract for entertainment venues

JULY 2018

In August ESG will take on a number of national entertainment venues, including a world-class commercial destination. The award follows a competitive tender process, which received a number of strong bids, from companies across the UK. 

ESG will take on the contract in phases, with the majority of the contract not subject to TUPE. As a result, ESG has had to recruit 60 new security staff in a matter of weeks. Significantly more staff will be joining the company once the contract has been fully phased in.

It was made clear to tenderers that recruitment of new staff would form a key part of the evaluation criteria. ESG’s business development team highlighted the company’s experience of working with retailers such as Sports Direct, to provide the required number of staff to around 300 stores. As well as its integrity and professionalism.

The new personnel have undergone rigorous vetting, and have been closely scrutinised by the customer’s venue managers, to ensure their suitability.

ESG will provide a comprehensive training programme which will feature:

  • First aid including AED
  • Fire awareness and fire warden
  • Customer service
  • ACT Awareness (counter terrorism)