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How to protect your property

How to protect your property

Business owners and managers will naturally have concerns about property crime and damage to buildings. The main offence categories for this sort of crime is criminal damage and arson, whilst other offences include: shoplifting and theft from a person. Property crime which includes building crime, can not only be unsightly, but also very worrying for your staff and visitors.  

Property and personal crime can have numerous knock-on effects. This includes impacting on neighbouring businesses and buildings, encouraging criminal activity, decreasing the value of property, and creating an overall negative outlook on your business.

Unfortunately businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to property crime, but working with your security provider to implement the following three steps, you will be better prepared to protect your assets:

Identify weaknesses

:: Is your business located in a high-risk crime area?

:: Are your neighbours experiencing similar issues?

:: Is your business involved in controversial plans?

Implement your solution

:: Improve your site security by getting groups of security officers to patrol your premises, dramatically increasing the risk for criminals.

:: Update any detection devices you might have.

:: Integrate your manned guarding service with technology.

Going forward

:: Develop a strategy for deterring vandals and thieves.

:: If you operate a retail business or are based at an industrial estate discussions with neighbouring business on security, should always be considered.

:: Report problems immediately to the police.

A firm commitment to crime prevention should go above and beyond addressing occasional crime. Criminal activity can spread quickly and escalate into organised crime.