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Managing agent reinforces its security at Grade A office buildings with ESG Security

Managing agent reinforces its security at Grade A office buildings with ESG Security

MAY 2019

A managing agent has increased its investment in security, to avoid the recurrence of cases of theft and vandalism of the past. ESG Security has assumed responsibility for two prominent Grade A office buildings.

The contract commenced in May, the service includes more than 20 security officers who are distributed across the control room, reception, fixed posts and flexible patrols. ESG Security’s service includes technological improvements to access barriers and CCTV systems.

During the mobilisation period both parties worked together to understand the nature of security incidents, and from that analysis ESG Security’s operations team then came up with solutions, aimed at increasing the security of the office buildings.

The next phase of work was aimed at implementing these measures, and the start-up of the service. Among the most relevant actions of this phase, included the complete renewal of the Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) network with the latest technology and expansion of coverage.

Another outstanding measure included improving access control, ESG Security revamped the control elements of entry and exit of vehicles. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) readers have been added and ‘sleeping’ bollards have been installed beneath the tarmac. The bollards are activated automatically if the access barrier is hit.

The company’s Head of Operations Mark Fear said: “ESG Security will use innovative software that will improve the speed and agility of access control, and allow integration of our other services.”

A spokesperson for the managing agent said: “Our first objective is the security of the offices, and these measures will keep the offices looking their best.”