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Security at sports stadiums

Security at sports stadiums

ESG Security are an SIA approved security services contractor, who have been involved in securing the UK’s major sporting events for nearly 30 years. ESG Security have been involved in almost every conceivable type of event based in and around a stadium, from athletics to football, as well as concerts and festivals.

ESG Security provide security solutions for sporting stadiums and venues, to ensure safe, enjoyable events. ESG Security provide comprehensive match day security for sporting events, including stewarding, hospitality security officers, and car park marshals.

With the rise of terrorism over the past few years, stadium and venue operators, are having to make important decisions, in the delivery of security. ESG Security recognise the effort it takes, and how important it is to ensure crowds are controlled correctly. ESG Security work diligently with customers up to three months in advance of the event or season taking place, to ensure we have a robust security strategy. This close liaison assures our customers that ESG Security is proactive, and will avoid potential concerns. All officers supplied by ESG Security to sporting stadiums and venues, are SIA licenced and vetted to BS 7858 standard.

ESG Security work closely with the police and security forces to ensure the safety of those attending events. We have also developed strong working relationships with many safety advisory groups, and emergency services that work in the stadiums where we operate. ESG Security have worked with the operators of sporting stadiums and venues for nearly 30 years. The larger stadiums and venues we have helped to secure in that time, have required us to incorporate protective security advice from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO), and Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA).