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The benefits of outsourced keyholding and alarm response

The benefits of outsourced keyholding and alarm response

MAY 2017

When it comes to securing your premises, you should never compromise on the quality of your security service provision. Many organisations, however, do not have adequate resources in place, in order to ensure effective staff and property protection. Below, ESG Security has reviewed why consulting a professional security services company for your keyholding and alarm response requirements is always the best solution.

Fast and Flexible 24/7 Response

Unfortunately it is not always feasible to have employees on call if there is a security issue at your premises, especially if you only operate during normal working hours and, therefore, don’t have people in the building late at night. By using the services of ESG Security for keyholding and alarm response, you can depend on a high quality and well trained officer, to arrive immediately on-site in the event of an emergency or break-in, thereby minimising the possibility of damage and theft. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that ESG Security will provide round the clock protection throughout the year with little to no disruption to you or your members of staff.

Health and Safety

As a responsible employer, safeguarding your workers will be high on your priority list. By allowing one of your employees to respond to a break-in or crime on your premises, you are potentially putting them in harms way. By utilising the services of ESG Security’s officers for your keyholding and alarm response requirements, you are benefitting from a team that is specifically trained to safely handle security problems; they will be able to make snap decisions that diffuse the situation and prevent further danger.

Expert Situation Handling

This leads us on to the next advantage of outsourcing your keyholding and alarm response – expertise and experience. ESG Security are experts in security after being in business for nearly 30 years, we boast the knowledge and experience of working with a variety of security systems, quickly getting to grips with your particular set up. Our experts will understand the correct procedure for apprehending the culprit, know how to properly contact emergency services, and be able to succinctly yet comprehensively report the crime.

Threat Reduction

Introducing outsourced keyholding and alarm response is a great means of preventing future crime as many potential thieves and burglars will be deterred at the thought of facing an expert security team. This is especially important if your commercial premises is left unoccupied intermittently throughout the year or even for long periods of time. Although your staff members may not be in the building, there will always be someone close by who can keep an eye on things for you and remind criminals that your premises are not their next target.