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Using drones in security

Using drones in security

There continues to be a lot of debate, surrounding the opportunities to use drone technology, on manned guarding assignments. However, despite being identified by experts as one of the security industry’s top innovations, very few security companies are using drones.

Here we look at the reasons for the slow take up.

Battery life

Battery life is a major limitation, for most drones available at the moment. The propellers use a lot of power and batteries are heavy, meaning flight time is compromised. Typically, a drone has around 25 minutes of flight time on a full charge.

Cost prohibitive

Drones are becoming more affordable, however the problem isn’t the cost of an individual, but the quantities required to effectively resource the operation.

For example, a drone could potentially be a very effective tool in assisting external security patrols, and the limited battery-life issue could be circumvented by a rotating fleet of drones. But this would be expensive, and in addition there would still be the cost of the Security Officer.


Drones have the potential to be used in the security industry. The challenge lies in identifying the best way to use them to support the manned guarding assignment.