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What makes a top quality security officer?

What makes a top quality security officer?

Corporate customers across the UK always need top quality security officers to successfully handle or prevent security threats or risks to their business – but what is it that makes a good security officer, top quality? Today, ESG Security review some of the key qualities needed in security personnel:

Communication Skills

Boasting strong communication skills is an important trait of any highly competent security officer. It helps them to open up a clear and transparent dialogue with our clients, understanding their requirements as well as giving them the ability to confidently interact with and question people within the vicinity. Should the need arise to report incidents to the emergency services, they will have no problems giving a lucid and thorough statement, providing as much detail as possible to help with the investigation.


Security officers who boast years of experience in the industry have undoubtedly come across a myriad of stressful and unusual situations which they have had to resolve safely and efficiently. This kind of role requires a certain resilience that builds up over time, helping the security officer to become better equipped at dealing with unexpected issues. They will be more confident in the decisions and actions they take, which is crucial for those moments when there is little time to spare.


Having excellent alertness and awareness encompasses a range of things; a great security officers will not only be aware of their surroundings but also of any potential threats. ESG Security’s officers are always observant, picking up on the smallest of details, from hearing unusual noises to movement on a CCTV monitor. They will also boast quick thinking, being able to make the best and most appropriate choices when the situation calls for a quick decision to be made.

Fitness and Training

ESG Security’s officers hold the right SIA licence(s), and will have a number of relevant security qualifications, to enable them to carry out their duties. Employing such experts demonstrates the adherence to a high standard of practice and code of conduct which is tested and monitored regularly by the National Security Inspectorate. Furthermore, optimum fitness levels will ensure that the officer can leap into action where appropriate in situations that bring physicality into play.


Your security officer may work around high level information, guarding items of great value, either essential or otherwise. Consequently you should be able to trust them unreservedly, and be confident that they will not be swayed to abandon or undermine their duties for any nefarious reasons. Our officers understand your policies, and will enforce them at all times, ensuring that any visitors in the vicinity have the correct authorisation to be there. Furthermore rigorous background checks of our officers, including Enhanced DBS Checks, will ensure they are clean and free of any misdemeanours.