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Case Study: Traveller Evictions



A recent case of traveller eviction, a Worcestershire business called us early Monday morning to say they had a group of travellers on site. The travellers had set up an unauthorised encampment at our client’s premises and were disrupting operations.

The matter was very urgent as violent threats had been made to staff and the travellers were being extremely intimidating. The travellers also dumped rubbish on the car park.


Our security experts were deployed to the site within two hours. The team included two NASDU certified teams i.e. handlers and security dogs. When the team arrived, they politely informed the travellers they were trespassing and that our client wanted them to leave. The travellers asked for money to leave. The travellers were told in no uncertain terms, that no money would be paid.

Due to the reluctance of the travellers to leave, our handlers and their dogs were forced to make their presence felt. They did this by regularly patrolling the car park. The travellers were infuriated and tried lots of tactics to antagonise our handlers. However, our experienced team wisely ignored their jibes and by early afternoon the travellers had become fed up. They left the site at about 3 PM.


We had achieved our objective of removing the travellers from the land, the same day. Our client was utterly delighted. After the travellers left, the property was guarded until it was reopened in the morning. Our admin team arranged for security blocks to be ordered, delivered, and installed by Maltaward.

Our client requested a quote to provide an ANPR car park barrier system and bollards for further protection. Since this assignment, we have formed a strong partnership with this client, which has resulted in new work at their other locations.

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