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Our commitment to the environment

ESG Security’s pursuit of environmental sustainability is outlined below, where we confirm the measures adopted to minimise any negative impact our operations may have on the environment. It is our belief we do everything possible to ensure we operate in an environmentally responsible manner. However, we recognise that as we develop our ISO 14001 environmental management policy, new ways of improving our performance may become apparent. Where this is the case the appropriate working practices would be implemented as soon as possible.

  • Modernising electrical and lighting systems: Outdated systems use more energy, especially assets such as lighting and electrics. Upgrading to more efficient systems has saved ESG Security energy and helped reduce our carbon emissions. These assets are connected to a building management system (BMS) allowing for them to be monitored closely by us to ensure they are working the way we hoped.
  • Upgrading old boilers: ESG Security no longer use a traditional fossil fuel burning boiler, and instead switched to a green system, not only reducing emissions significantly, but also becoming far more energy efficient and helping to reduce costs in the long term.
  • Generating electricity through renewable sources: ESG Security have been able to cut carbon emissions and save on energy costs through the installation of solar panels. These have been paired with solar batteries, ensuring the site can be at least partially powered using solar energy at night or on cloudier days.
  • Green fleet: ESG Security have been adding green vehicles to their fleet since 2018, either pure electric or hybrid vehicles. As of 2020, ESG Security’s patrol vehicles are pure electric.
  • Uniforms: ESG Security have sourced uniforms made exclusively from the highest quality perPETual sustainable yarns using 100% post-consumer PET recycled plastic bottles, which offers a sustainable equivalent to conventional yarns.
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