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Dog Handler

Dog Handler

ESG Security provides canine security services to deter theft and vandalism by implementing effective security measures alongside our manned guarding service.

The visible deterrent of an active, NASDU trained dog will complement any security assignment. Whether it is preventing squatters from occupying a vacant property or protecting a distribution centre full of goods.

Having a dog handler on site undoubtedly provides an increased level of security. Criminals might be prepared to try their luck at a warehouse protected by a single security officer, but they are not likely to do the same if they see a uniformed officer with a dog.


ESG Security only works with handlers certificated by NASDU, the National Association of Security Dog Users. Using NASDU certificated handlers is important as it means the dog has passed a comprehensive and professional training programme to be classified as ‘safe’. Likewise, the handler has also passed the course and is classified as ‘competent’ in handling their dog. This certification also places importance on the handler’s welfare of their dog.