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High profile security presence in Solihull town centre

High profile security presence in Solihull town centre

JULY 2019

This weekend visitors to Solihull town centre were enthralled with a range of musical acts and international street food. ESG Security’s presence at this event was noticeable. The company played a vital role in “keeping the peace”, and ensuring town centre businesses were not compromised by the number of visitors.

The vibrancy of this event had the potential for antisocial behaviour. However the team at ESG Security were on hand to ensure this was not the case, and that Solihull maintained its famous reputation for safety.

Our team were kept busy throughout the weekend as they patrolled the main thoroughfares of Solihull town centre, including: Warwick Road, Poplar Road, Station Road, High Street, Mill Lane, Mell Square and the Touchwood Shopping Centre. Our team visited a number of venues which were hosting live music, as well as retailers and other businesses located nearby.

Solihull town centre security team