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Keep your business secure over the Christmas and New Year period

Keep your business secure over the Christmas and New Year period


Keep your business secure over the Christmas and New Year period

This year has been challenging for businesses, with the current pandemic making almost everything more difficult. With the year nearly at an end, decision makers are turning their attention to the Christmas and New Year period.

Christmas is a time of celebration, festive cheer and spending time with loved ones. However, Christmas in some sectors isn’t always merry. With the night time economy shut, anti-social behaviour and vandalism is less of a concern, however there are still other security challenges out there.

What can you do to protect your business this Christmas?  

For many businesses, Christmas is a time where they start to slow down or pause their normal operations during the festive period. However, if you are planning to slow operations down and not have that many staff on-site, you’ll need to plan how your business will be protected whilst you’re away. This protection can be offered through mobile patrols.

Is your alarm working and who has the keys?

Security systems (intruder alarm, CCTV etc) are the basics when it comes to protecting your property, an intruder alarm will often be enough to see off intruders. If you’re looking to strengthen your intruder alarm, you can see your options for key holding and alarm response – here. A key holding and alarm response service is where we retain a copy of your keys at HQ, and respond within 20 minutes to any alarm notification.  

Make yourself look busy

The busier you look the less likely you’ll be to get targeted by criminals looking to cause damage or to steal valuable equipment and stock. However, if you are closed over the festive period how are you going to make your business look busy? Investing in timers for your lights will make it look like your business is working its normal hours. If this isn’t feasible you could look at security guarding. Our security officers can be stationed outside of your property’s main entrance or even provide reception security, making your business look busy and operational. 


Although outdoor Christmas lights are pretty they don’t act as much of a deterrent to criminals. As night time becomes earlier, it increases the opportunity for criminals to strike. If you are a big business, or a business spread over multiple buildings, then you are the opportune target for criminals. Investing in LED floodlights is a simple and affordable way to keep criminals away from your property and make you less of a target.

Be flexible

It can be easy to think that your intruder alarm, CCTV and security lighting is enough to protect your business from harm. However it’s sensible to invest a more robust strategy such as mobile patrols. Our mobile patrols offer a more flexible approach to protecting your business. The current pandemic has already made 2020 a stressful year so don’t let criminals make it even worse. If you are looking for key holding and alarm response services, mobile patrols or manned guarding over the Christmas and New Year period then get in touch.