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Improving safety and security

Warehouses and distribution centres have long been targets for criminals. Due to their unique characteristics these industries encounter a range of security threats that can be challenging to solve.

By addressing the challenges (mentioned below) with security solutions tailored to each property’s unique needs, warehouses and distribution centres can reduce stock loss, eliminate property damage and cut labour costs.

Complexity of available space

Huge logistics hub which provides warehouse and distribution space.

Warehouses and distribution centres are usually located near main roadways and highways, where costs are more affordable for the large spaces needed for business operations. These more affordable areas however have high levels of crime with little to no police presence. Implementing a robust security strategy is vital to deterring unwanted activity in these areas.

How ESG Security can solve this challenge – Our security experts work with clients to identify their property’s individual risks and find the right security solutions that proactively prevent security threats. Our experts can assess your property’s weak spots and recommend tailored solutions to proactively mitigate threats. Even as the surrounding area changes, ESG Security is constantly monitoring security effectiveness with security reports that provide accountability, highlight our operative’s activity and keep clients informed.

Our combination of state-of-the-art technology, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and SIA licenced security staff can take your security beyond high fences and gated entrances, by blanketing your property in a protective net that proactively stops criminals in their tracks.

High value property

Forklift next to warehouse stock.

The amount of new stock held at warehouse and distribution centres makes them a key target for thieves. Warehouses and distribution centres are also subject to internal theft. Internal thefts are committed by employees and other “insiders” who take advantage of time without oversight to steal stock.

In addition to the threat of inside jobs, warehouses and distribution centres often have expensive, heavy machinery out in the open. For vandals this equipment may be enticing to misuse. Any damage of valuable machinery can not only be expensive but pose a safety threat to workers who use it as well as the vandals themselves. Even property considered “low value” may require a security deterrent, as it too is becoming increasingly targeted.

Stock loss is a top concern for those in the logistics industry. By switching to a more comprehensive security solution that mitigates loss, companies can save significant amounts of money.

How ESG Security can solve this challenge – ESG Security’s portable CCTV tower isn’t reactive; it assess possible criminal situations in real time. Using motion detection zones, audio and HD cameras the systems built in artificial intelligence can distinguish between suspicious activity versus ordinary activity, as well as human, vehicular or other disturbances.

Lethal Hazards

Health and safety risks in a warehouse.

An average warehouse and distribution centre is filled with potentially lethal equipment. Used improperly, everyday machinery can become dangerous to employees and trespassers. While training on proper handling is required accidents inevitably happen. Due to HSE regulations, health and safety managers’ need to protect themselves against violations – this requires security intervention.

Before an incident should happen, health and safety managers should protect themselves by ensuring that their CCTV system is up-to-date and covers all areas of their site. If a false claim should be made, video evidence can be used to dispute it.

How ESG Security can solve this challenge – We operate a 24-hour state of the art control room, staffed by our own employees. We can source the evidence to disprove false claims and prevent legal action from reaching court. Owners can feel safe knowing that high-risk areas are being closely monitored, incidents are stopped, and any suspicious activity is reported so that accidents involving heavy machinery can be actively prevented.

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