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The National Protective Security Authority’s (NPSA) advice on social media auditor activity has been updated for the benefit of security personnel and general staff.

Social Media Auditors | NPSA

There is a small but increasing number of reports within the United Kingdom involving individuals who attend premises and outside spaces, with the aim of capturing staff and property on camera, the content from which is often uploaded to social media and video platforms. We refer to them as Auditors in this guidance as it’s the term most associated with them online. Other terms include Social Media Auditors and Citizen Journalists.

Auditors take advantage of the understandable concerns from personnel when staff premises are photographed or filmed. Auditors often attempt to provoke staff and security to elicit heighted reactions, at times asserting that staff are overstepping legal boundaries. They are well versed in their own rights and frequently cite legislation when challenged.

It is not an offence to be an auditor or to film personnel and property from a place the Auditor is allowed to be. This includes filming private property with a drone where a drone is allowed to fly.

Auditing activity is mostly harmless, and the amount of compromising information gathered by filming the premises, vehicles, personnel, equipment is generally minimal. Issues typically arise when staff and security engage in a hostile manner, by quoting legislation incorrectly, or by giving inaccurate statements such as “You are not allowed to be here”.

While the Auditors themselves might not have hostile intent, the content they create and post online could be viewed by genuine hostile actors. As such, conveying an air of a professional security culture is helpful – such as highlighting the CCTV which alerted you to their presence – but without giving unnecessary insight into your security infrastructure or procedure.

This video – – will show you how to spot potential auditors, how best to respond to auditor activities and when you should escalate your response.

The NPSA’s guidelines advise that security personnel should continue to follow the See, Check and Notify (SCaN) framework on suspicious activity. It is recommended to take a CALM approach – Chat, Assess, Limit, Monitor.

When interacting with Auditors we recommend a CALM approach – Chat, Assess, Limit, Monitor.

It is important that all personnel remain polite and professional if responding to a situation where someone is recording premises and/or staff. When engaging, remember that your first words will often dictate the tone of the interaction.

National Protective Security Authority

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