Security Systems

Security Systems

Intruder Alarms

ESG Security provides quality intruder alarms, so you can relax knowing your property is always being looked after. We install and maintain residential and commercial security systems. We tailor every intruder alarm system to the size and nature of your premises, so you always get the best protection. All our intruder alarms are fully monitored and compliant with European standards for intruder alarm systems. ESG Security offer full maintenance and support for all, intruder alarm installations.

Access Control

ESG Security install and maintain a wide range of access control systems, using the most effective and reliable equipment. Whether you are looking for a simple electronic stand-alone door entry system or an advanced interlocked system – we will work with you to provide the best access control for your environment and requirements.

A senior engineer will provide a full site survey and direct consultation on our first visit, and we will continue to communicate with you on the next steps, and address any queries you may have. We provide solutions that are resilient for outdoor environments, discreet for corporate settings and user-friendly for shops and residential properties.

We are able to install the following types of access control systems:

Proximity access control systems

Including key fob entry, access cards, barcode, magnetic strip and pincode access systems.

Audio and video door entry systems

Using the latest vandal-resistant and wireless technology.

ESG Security offer full maintenance and support for all, access control installations.