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The regulator’s guide to buying private security

The security of your staff, premises, equipment and other assets is a serious commitment. Investing time in the procurement process by undertaking some basic checks can reap rewards when it comes to buying security.

Quality Matters

Opting for cut-price security services might seem tempting, but it’s crucial to prioritise quality. Low-quality security can lead to serious consequences, including harm to your staff, the public, and damage to your business reputation.

Media Coverage

When incidents occur, media coverage tends to focus on the business location where the breach took place, rather than the security company. A security incident can quickly become a headline, impacting your brand image and customer trust.

Charge Rates

Be cautious if a security provider offers unusually low charge rates. Such rates could indicate that legal requirements are being compromised. Breaches in compliance may affect insurance coverage and have further repercussions.

Legal Compliance

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) collaborates with other agencies to prosecute offenders through the criminal courts. Ensuring your security provider adheres to legal requirements is essential for your business’s safety and reputation.

Risk Reduction

High-quality security services reduce the risk of violence and incidents. Conversely, lower-quality services may increase the risk to your staff and the public.

You can appoint an SIA approved contractor, such as ESG Security, knowing that all these checks and more have already been done by the SIA – saving you time and money. ESG Security’s approach:

Direct Employment: By employing staff directly through PAYE, we ensure stability and accountability. This approach avoids reliance on self-employed personnel, which can sometimes lead to inconsistencies.

Cost Considerations: Our quotes account for staffing costs, including holiday pay, pension contributions, employer’s national insurance, and statutory sick pay. This transparent approach ensures that clients receive accurate pricing.

SIA Licenses: Frontline security personnel hold valid SIA licenses. This certification ensures that they meet industry standards and are well-prepared for their roles.

Approved Contractor Scheme: Our certification with the SIA’s Approved Contractor Scheme signifies adherence to high standards of service delivery, professionalism, and compliance.

Consistent Hours: Providing consistent work hours (rather than zero-hours contracts) contributes to employee satisfaction and reliability. It also enhances customer care by ensuring familiar faces at client locations.

Competitive Pay: Competitive compensation motivates staff to maintain a professional appearance and deliver exceptional service.

Uniforms and Insurance: Company uniforms, tailored to the context (e.g., business suits for corporate settings and cold weather gear for outdoor work), are included in the charge rate. Full insurance coverage provides peace of mind.

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