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In bustling, multi-purpose environments, where crowds converge and activities abound, ensuring the safety of people and assets is a paramount concern. In such complex settings, security staff play a crucial role in maintaining order, deterring potential threats, and developing a vigilant security culture. Beyond the traditional role of security personnel, collaborative efforts between us and our customers are pivotal in creating an environment where security awareness becomes an integral part of daily operations.

Recognising the dynamic nature of our commercial clients and the diverse challenges they present; we understand that a one size fits all approach to security does not suffice. We instead concentrate on a collaborative partnership with client management and stakeholders, seeking to integrate security guarding into the daily rhythm of their environment.

We apply multi-faceted strategies and initiatives to our service to elevate security culture for all our clients on an ongoing basis. From tailored security training to engaging workshops and awareness campaigns for employees, we take a comprehensive approach to security throughout the premises we secure.

We view the service we deliver to our customers as a transformative process.

Below we detail some of the tangible outcomes of this collaborative approach. From a noticeable reduction in shoplifting and to an enhanced sense of safety and wellbeing among visitors and occupants.

Example: Retail

Problem: A ladies clothing retail store chain with approximately 15-20 stores, was facing security culture issues characterised by staff theft and shoplifting incidents. The company sought effective solutions to address these challenges and create a secure environment for their staff and customers.

Solution: To improve security culture and address the specific needs of the retailer, we implemented a series of targeted security initiatives.

Retail Security Awareness Training: We recommended and delivered bespoke “Retail Security Awareness Training” for the store personnel. This training was tailored to the unique store environment and covered comprehensive aspects of retail loss prevention. By directly engaging with each store and respective staff, we conveyed the message that our security company was actively proactive in preventing theft and ensuring that stolen items would not leave through the front or back doors. This training instilled a sense of awareness and responsibility amongst the security staff, contributing to a stronger security culture for our customer.

Smart and Approachable Security Officers: We ensured that security officers were dressed smartly and professionally. We also provided specific training to our officers on customer interaction and “meet and greet” practices. This approach aimed to create a positive and friendly atmosphere, reassuring the shopping public that security officers were present and attentive. By being visible and approachable, our officers became an integral part of the shopping experience and contributed to a positive security culture.

Results: By implementing these targeted initiatives, our customer experienced notable improvements in their security culture and overall loss prevention efforts. The combination of tailored training sessions and the presence of smartly dressed and customer orientated security officers created a sense of vigilance and deterrence. The staff became more proactive in identifying and reporting suspicious activities, while customers felt reassured and valued due to the friendly interaction with security personnel. As a result, instances of staff theft and shoplifting reduced significantly, leading to a more secure and trustworthy environment for both staff and customers.

Through these efforts, we transformed our client’s security culture, demonstrating a commitment to safeguard their assets as well as maintaining a positive shopping experience. The collaborative approach was instrumental to achieve these improvements, emphasising the importance of tailored solutions and effective communication.

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