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Business parks require a high level of security as they have substantial assets and a reputation to maintain. Carrying out security duties is not a ‘tick box’ exercise, it’s a responsibility that includes looking after all the assets of the business park and maintaining a safe and secure environment for everybody on site.

You may be wondering how many security officers you might need for your business park if you are thinking about a security guarding service. You need to consider whether the amount of security officers your thinking of will deliver an effective service. For example, if security are going to be carrying out patrols, responding to emergencies and monitoring CCTV – then you will need at least three officers per shift.  

Why do I need business park security?

A business park needs physical security to deter nuisance behaviour, vandalism/criminal damage, noise nuisance, vehicle related nuisance, animal related problems and littering/fly tipping. Many managing agents of business parks opt for the use of gatehouse security staff.

Security planning and crime prevention  

Business parks face a range of threats that posses the potential to cause significant disruption.

Theft – Having a 24-hour guarding presence on a business park is one of the most effective methods of deterring crime and providing an early warning should there be signs of criminal activity.

Unauthorised Access – Many criminals will enter a business park with the sole intention of conducting research and hostile reconnaissance.

Travellers – The arrival of travellers causes concern for commercial business and having a team of security staff who can raise a warning regarding the arrival of such groups enables early action to be taken and prevents further disruption.

Unwanted vehicles/people – People sit in stationary cars posing a risk to traffic. Having security officers available to move them on quickly will help bring order to the business park.

This (above) reflects the type of incidents the police most commonly attend to at a business park.

How can security officers protect business parks?

Security officers can prevent most of these crimes by being a visible deterrent on foot or in a marked patrol vehicle. This effectiveness can be further enhanced via co-operation with CCTV operators, who can dispatch roving officers to the scene of suspicious behaviour. There is the possibility of many criminal activities taking place across the day, therefore its important people see your officers out on patrol.

If you are interested in having a security guarding service provided for your business park, please contact ESG Security.

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