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What does a security officer do?

It may seem like anyone can take on a job as a security officer. However that is incorrect. There are a range of important competencies required to be a good security officer.

The specific role of a security officer will always depend on the nature of the company or premises being secured. This could involve:

The roles of a security officer.


To work legally, in the private security industry, you need a Security Industry Authority (SIA) licence. Before you apply for this licence you need to train for an approved ‘licence linked’ qualification.

You can search for the correct type of training with an approved training provider, through the SIA website.


Our security guarding service is delivered by competent and professional security officers who seamlessly fit in within any setting. A set of detailed assignment instructions will be developed in cooperation with the client and our security officers. It is important to do this to ensure everybody is clear about the roles and responsibilities of a security officer.

Skills and knowledge

Security officer monitoring CCTV.

Securing the premises

Security officers use preventative measures to deter crime and keep everyone safe.

Providing customer service

Security officers, subject to the client’s terms, may be asked to provide basic customer service or provide helpful information about the business to enquirers.

Security officers on patrol.

Safe and secure

The presence of a security officer alone can make visitors and staff feel safer. Therefore the presence of a security officer can prevent someone from attempting something illegal. That’s why being visible is an important part of a security officers’ duty.

Monitoring the premises

Security officers make sure staff and visitors are kept safe by patrolling the premises on a regular basis. Good security officers know exactly what to lookout for, but just being observant should keep things in check.

Conflict Management

When situations get tense, or if arguments get loud, security officers are there to help defuse the situation. Whilst they may not be responsible for making the final call, they are there to make sure things don’t get out of hand.

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