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ESG Security provide Public Space Surveillance CCTV monitoring to several town centres ensuring the capability of monitoring, recording and escalating activity 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ESG Security believe that CCTV in public places is a powerful tool to assist with efforts to enhance community safety, and that the operation of CCTV should be controlled to avoid misuse. The Information Commissioner’s Office CCTV Code of Practice provides a benchmark for the operation of CCTV systems. ESG Security complies with this Code of Practice through its CCTV Policy and Procedures.

ESG Security’s CCTV Policy looks to ensure CCTV is used transparently and proportionately to achieve the objectives of recording potential intrusion, vandalism or violent behaviour before or while it is happening, as well as gathering evidence of crime. All security officers monitoring CCTV are subject to our CCTV Policy, and the associated Procedures. Such staff are required to operate the system fairly, within the law, and only for the objectives identified.

ESG Security is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office as the ‘data controller’ of CCTV systems and the ‘owner’ of the data generated by the systems. ESG Security also recognises its obligations under the Human Rights Act 1998, with regard to the use of CCTV. The systems we are in control of operate with respect for all individuals, recognising the right to be free from degrading treatment and avoiding discrimination.

Any request from an individual relating to the disclosure of personal data under the Data Protection Act, which he/she believes has been recorded by our system, should be made to Sections 7 and 8 of the Data Protection Act (right of data subjects) shall be followed. Any person making a request must prove their identity and provide sufficient information to enable the data to be located.

The areas covered by ESG Security’s CCTV systems, to which this article refers, are public areas and within the responsibility/perimeter boundaries of ESG Security or its customers. Signs are in place within the immediate area to indicate the presence of CCTV.

ESG Security’s CCTV operators record images in real time, replay images, and produce hard copies of recorded images, in accordance with this policy and procedures. Viewing of the images is restricted to Security Industry Authority Public Space Surveillance CCTV licensed officers. In certain circumstances, ESG Security staff other than CCTV operators receive viewing rights (live images only). In accordance with the law, ESG Security may also share footage with the Local Authority and Police.

All persons operating CCTV equipment act with the utmost probity at all times. Operators are required to sign a declaration of confidentiality. Only licensed staff have access to the operating controls. In very extreme circumstances, the Police may request control of the system in its entirety, including the staffing of the control room and the control of all equipment.

ESG Security provide vigilant CCTV surveillance and staffing for the control rooms of our customers.

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