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International terrorism threat level (MI5):Substantial

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Counter Terrorism Police have launched a new vigilance campaign to encourage everyone to help the police tackle terrorism and save lives by reporting any concerns.

Counter Terrorism Police, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Matt Twist believes the reopening of pubs, bars and nightclubs could provide a greater opportunity for terrorists to operate.

He is appealing for business owners and the public to support the police’s 24/7 efforts to keep the country safe by remaining vigilant, and reporting anything that does not seem right to security staff or the police.

Matt Twist said: “Terrorism will understandably not have been high on anyone’s mind in recent months, and I would describe the threat as temporarily suppressed during lockdown, because it was difficult to go out in public and actually do anything.

“But that means as crowded places which have traditionally been the target for terrorists, start to fill with people again, there is always the potential for that risk to come back.

“The best defence against the terrorist threat is a collective community effort – where police, security staff, businesses and the public come together to minimise the chance of an attack, and that is why Counter Terrorism Policing are launching this campaign.”

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