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ESG Security Mobile CCTV Unit

ESG Security have 34-years’ experience of supporting clients in the public and private sector, we are currently providing security services to the ongoing HS2 project.   

To support the building of the new railway, HS2 Limited and its contractors have constructed two compounds either side of the A515 in rural Staffordshire. The compounds are there to provide storage for heavy-duty equipment and construction materials.

The compounds have a large security team on-duty 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – however the natural landscape of the sites means there are several points of access and blind spots. Given that employing more officers would be unviable, HS2 contacted ESG Security requesting a mobile-tech solution.  

In this instance, ESG Security proposed the provision of cost-effective mobile CCTV towers, which provide twice the visibility and coverage of fixed CCTV cameras. The placement of our towers on-site was straightforward, and their rugged design makes them suitable for harsh environments. The towers are ideal for deployment at sites such as these where no infrastructure is present (no power).  

The CCTV towers are completely autonomous, they support real time monitoring and enable users to monitor large areas without blind spots. ESG Security is unique in its ability to offer real time monitoring of mobile CCTV towers, over an encrypted 4G network. Our CCTV towers are an all-in-one unit which combine camera, recording, storage and 4G connectivity in a single unit. The units operate from a variety of power sources, including fuel and battery/electric.

The towers are easy to move if construction or access demands require this. The real time video feeds are monitored by ESG Security’s 24-hour Control Room operatives. ESG Security is the only company able to offer proactive CCTV monitoring over a 4G network. These images can be shared with HS2 and third parties such as the police. The video transmission is encrypted via an external layer of software.   

The tower has five high-definition Hikvision cameras on its mast. The main camera is a PTZ with 360° movement and a 40-metre detection range. The cameras can operate in low-light and offer infrared illumination, additionally there is security lighting on the mast. The mast can extend to a maximum height of 7m it can be seen from the road several hundred meters away and acts as a powerful visual deterrent.

Our CCTV solution is backed up with proactive monitoring and 24-hour monitoring from our UK Control Room. ESG Security provides a comprehensive service for HS2 and its stakeholders, which includes placement of the equipment, alarm monitoring, ongoing maintenance, technical support and reporting.

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