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There have been numerous reports about organised crime at supermarkets recently, this is a type of theft that involves groups of criminals working together to steal goods from supermarkets and resell them for profit. An example of this – In January 2023, a gang of thieves entered a supermarket in London and stole a significant amount of high value items, including alcohol and meat.

The gang which consisted of four people entered the store just before 6pm and headed straight for the alcohol aisle. They began clearing the shelves and filling holdalls with bottles of spirits and wine. After loading up on alcohol, the gang moved to the meat aisle, where they emptied shelves of high value steaks, including fillet and sirloin cuts. They also took other meat products such as chicken, lamb and pork.

Despite CCTV footage capturing the incident the police have been unable to trace the suspects. The stolen goods were not recovered and the store lost around £2,500. The incident highlights the significant financial impact of shoplifting as well as the danger posed to staff and customers. It also demonstrates the importance of having effective security measures in place.

Although organised crime is a complex problem, the visible (high profile) presence of Security Officers in stores is known to help supermarkets reduce the risk of organised crime and create a safer more secure environment for staff and customers. There are several ways Security Officers can be effective:

Security Officers are effective at preventing shoplifting because they provide a visible and active presence in the store, which can deter potential shoplifters. Security Officers are also trained to identify suspicious behaviour and intervene in the right circumstances.

If you are interested in security guarding services contact ESG Security. A member of our team will discuss your security requirements and be able to provide you with a competitive quotation.

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